070 Shake thrives with her recent release

There's something about 070 Shake that indicates clearly why Kanye West was fascinated by her. The compelling voice that stood out on "Ghost Town" from Kanye West's album Ye, 070 Shake had her breakout moment as a feature. Her verse towards the end created a huge spotlight as she sang about being a child again and being free from inflicted pain.

070 Shake's new track "I Laugh When I'm With Friends, But Sad When I'm Alone" an honest and gripping song where Shake discloses the affects of judgements on her mental health, drug usage and the struggle to "solve these problems" the rapper has to face.

With a deep-toned gripping voice, when Shake starts rapping we instantly hook ourselves into the monologue type scene as a story unravels, when she starts singing about having to "shoot up to my brain to become the person that I wanna be" her voice transitions into a more mellow sound.

It's not all gloom and dark because towards the end of the track it takes a more optimistic and positive turn, she sends a message giving hope to the youth that "the future's bright... we got us, we are the light/ we are the world, we are love" and also appears to be reassuring herself about the unidentifiable stronger inner self: "the strong you is inside, but you just haven't met her".

Shake reminds us that life is tough but no matter what is thrown our way "only we control our storm because we are the weather" and the strength to overcome trials and tribulations is within ourselves.

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