Denzel Curry gets dark in "CLOUT COBAIN"

Following his last album Imperial that dropped back in 2016, Denzel Curry is returning with his forthcoming album TA13OO. The new track "CLOUT COBAIN | CLOUT CO13A1N" is a feature on the album and it brings a dark underlying message to the surface: the frightening mental challenges artists have to face with fame and success. A deep sense of creativity in the black and white video works perfectly with the lyricism, we first see Denzel Curry with his face painted as joker. He starts singing "I just wanna feel myself/you want me to kill myself" demonstrating his hardships in dealing with the fame and the attention. Curry stands in the middle of a disturbing circus fermented by drugs as he raps over a heavy bass and eerie piano chord. The cynicism is heightened. Curry's lyrics does not suggest hope, he raps: "so paranoid, I don't know who be plotting on me" and how his friends could be waiting to turn against him, isolating himself into a box where he can only depend on himself.

The chorus leads with "suicidal doors, call it Kurt Cobain" linking to the title "Clout Cobain", a lot of rappers/artists in the industry appear to be suffering mentally - simply because they push themselves to maintain an image and clout, even if it does mean self-destructing. The late Kurt Cobain from iconic band Nirvana committed suicide back in 1994 and there are many artists who speak about suicide in their songs showing clear indications of unhealthy pressures of the industry. It may even make us question, why are they not getting the help they need?

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