Most Influential Lessons since January 2018

I'm taking part in Ayana The Oracle's #JulyGratitudeChallenge. For day 9 of the challenge, the task was to reflect on a lesson that has been most influential in your life since January 2018. Although 2018 is not over yet there are plenty of things I have still learnt, it's continuing to have a lasting impact on the person I want to become and in my life.

Some of the most influential lessons I've received since January 2018 has been:

1. The power of living in the now

A few days ago I finished a book called "The Power of Now", a book that guides you into spiritual development. It stresses the significance in how living in the present will free you from chains of suffering and pain. Ask yourself, how often does my mind wander to the past and present? How often do I pay attention to my surroundings? How often do I enjoy the peace and silence of nothing? How often do I live in the now? If I concentrate on this very moment, my problems do not exist.

Only when I allow the 'now' to fully correspond with my body and allow the feeling of being present to penetrate is when I can achieve inner peace. When I stop focusing on issues of the past and the anxious thought of the obscure future, I am free from unneccessary mental strain. I can retain consciousness and calmness.

2) Approaching situations with a positive attitude

Being positive all the time is pretty impossible. Life comes at you fast, things are thrown your way, even when you don't deserve them. However, sometimes certain situations would be much easier to handle if you approached it with a different attitude.

A few days ago I managed to spill tea on my MacBook (only God knows how).. I cried, oh boy I cried. I was angry, I was continuously insulting myself and getting worked up for being so stupid and clumsy. This did not change the fact that my MacBook was broken. Of course I am allowed to be angry and upset but what is the use when it doesn't reverse time. I ended up having a shitty day ahead of me because of my attitude.

When you change your attitude towards inconvenience and things that do not go your way you are allowing yourself to accept what is. If you get stressed over the littlest things or worked up and frustrated for no valid reason, think about what you are doing to your mind and body. Not only are you creating a negative energy field but you are not allowing inner peace to enter. Take a breath, relax and BELIEVE it WILL work out with a POSITIVE attitude. Remember, you attract what you are.

3) Greater practice of self-discipline will make you stronger

For some who hates wasting time, I waste a hell of a lot of it. Why? Lack of self discipline. I don't discipline myself enough to do what I should be doing. This means I put off tasks I should be doing today, this results in a greater workload for tomorrow. In a motivational video I watched last week, a speaker said "There is always someone willing to do the things you are not willing to do today". When I heard this it really struck me that if I want to be more, I need to more and of course, this requires self-discipline.

The most beautiful thing about being human is that our mental growth doesn't have to be limited or contained. We don't have to be the same person we were yesterday and we don't have to be the same person today. 2018 is not over and there is still a lot more room for self growth, to become a better version of who you are. If we remain open to the lessons the universe wants us to learn, the influence will be greater than you think.

What are your most influential lessons since January 2018?

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