Roy Woods switches it up on "Russian Cream" and "Snow White"

OVO singer Roy Woods dropped two new tracks "Russian Cream" and "Snow Write" since his last debut album Say Less dropped last year.
In "Russian Cream" Woods switches up the mood, unlike his usual atmospheric and sullen sound, the singer flexes on a trap beat with heavy kicks. He takes a shot at people who copy his own sauce, something that isn't a one off as he claims it happens "all the time". Not to forget to mention how Woods doesn't put "a thought into a thot, that's a waste of time" and the result of the money making lifestyle lives.

"Snow White" is a sexy laidback R&B track, Woods croons over a smooth beat about an attractive women who wears his clothes and fulfils his sexual desires. Woods sings delicately but this contrasts with the sharp and grave statements he makes about rolling with "niggas that gon shoot" when they need to.

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