Ray BLK knows she's an 'Empress' and deserves the best

UK singer Ray BLK shines in her new single "Empress", where she delivers clean and soulful vocals about knowing her worth. Her first single, "Run Run",  is a powerful piece addressing youth violence. From her forthcoming debut album, Ray BLK dropped her second single "Empress". It sheds a light on different types of men who are not meant for the London singer. 

She confidently sings "I don't want to settle for less/ because I'm an empress", a noteworthy message a lot of us need to take down. It may remind us that at times, we are blinded by loneliness and we settle way below than what we hoped for. Ray BLK's new single makes us reconsider whether we are getting what we deserve. Girls remember, you are an "Empress" and you deserve the best.

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