This poem is inspired by Miraa May - Sad. She sings about struggling with low moods which is something I can definitely relate to. Her EP is a whole vibe so make sure you check it out!

Sometimes I’m emotionless  
I wake up feeling numb,
maybe I love being hopeless 
that’s why I never run
away from my demons 
they have taken over me,
engulfed in this nightmare,
I suffocate,
I can no longer

You ask for an explanation
“why do you always
feel this way?”,
I can’t seem to find 
the words,
to reflect 
all of my pain,
if only you knew
what goes on
inside of my head,
you would wonder 
how I live a life,
a life that I dread.

Tired of feeling cold and alone,
how do I remove this 
heavy ache,
always suffering
on my own,
how much more can I take?
I wish I wasn’t always sad
so I can give my soul a break,
if melancholy wasn’t 
my home,
I would be free from 
this depressive state.

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