"2020 Will Be My Year" | Guest Post by Jeffna

But will it?

As the new year’s approaching, everyone’s running around screaming that 2020 will be their year of success, claiming it will be different from previous years and how they plan to do things differently. One thing I’ve learnt, particularly during this year is that you can talk about all the things you hope to do but all that talk will be in vain if your actions don’t match your words. You know that phrase ‘actions speak louder than words’? That applies to so many things in life including your goals and plans. We can all say that we’ll do this, that and the other but it’s all really down to what we do behind closed doors; the amount of time we dedicate to the goal we plan or hope to achieve.

I won’t act like it’s easy to work towards your goals though, especially when life throws so many obstacles at you, fear and self-doubt grips you and makes you think that you’re incapable of fulfilling your goals or makes you downplay your achievements. However, making small progress daily can slowly bring you closer to achieving your goals without feeling overwhelmed and losing all motivation.

This year, I had to accept that I was a professional procrastinator (PP for short) who’d delay things until the last minute. Fortunately for me, although I often procrastinate, I am well-organized so this helps me to get things completed before it’s too late to. As the year went by, I had to accept and challenge this flaw of mine and have made every effort to use more of my day to do more productive things. I managed to achieve all but one of my 2019 goals (yay me) but I’m still slowly detaching from my dear friend procrastination who’s the biggest dream killer that exists- i’ll explain how I’ve managed to do so.

The five tips listed below are effective measures which have increased my daily productivity throughout 2019:

  1. Having a personal planner/ yearly planner – I have purchased a yearly planner for the past three years and honestly, this is one thing that keeps me in order. I use this to plan what I hope to do every day , to note down my weekly spend and budgets and obviously, to keep note of any upcoming meetings or link ups during the month. I recently purchased one from Amazon which allows you to break down your goals into smaller goals to make it less overwhelming: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07WFQ9XCW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=
  2. Having a notepad – Alongside having a planner, a notepad is also very helpful for noting down your goals for the year, your achievements and any other ideas you have for the year. This can help with reflecting on how close you are to achieving your goals and remaining focused.
  3. Monitoring your screen time/ how long you spend on social media– I started doing this from last month and noticed that when I’m not busy, my time is usually spent on social media such as Youtube and Twitter (my guilty pleasures). To reduce the amount of time I spend on such platforms, I have set myself a time limit of 6-8 hours a day depending on the day of the week to increase productivity and to encourage myself to fill up my free time with more wholesome activities e.g: Meditating on the Bible, reading a book or cooking.
  4.  Finding new hobbies ^
  5. Asking for God’s help – As I was completing my final year of uni this year, I found it very difficult to stay motivated to complete important tasks at times. However, God continually used the people around me and his word to remind me that so long as I trust in him, ask for his help and don’t rely on my strength alone, I can overcome anything. By God’s grace, I graduated with an upper second class and achieved a first for my dissertation and for me, this was only possible with his help. In the same way, I’ve noticed that by asking God to help me manage my time more effectively, there’s been an improvement and I can do this with ease/ Proverbs 3:5-7. 
Overall, my 2019 has been an amazing one, full of growth and many life memories. I’m going nto 2020 with the plan of being more productive in everything I do and I hope you all manage to do this also. I wish you all a productive and joyful new year.

With love,

Jeffna x


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