You are officially reading the first post of Sheedah Blogs (exciting ehhhh?). I am so excited to finally launch this blog considering I've been planning to do it for some time. My deadline to publish was in March but I was really indecisive with choosing a theme, I wasn't sure what website I would use to create my blog and a lot of other excuses but who cares? I've finally done it!

So what is Sheedah Blogs all about? Sheedah Blogs is my personal creative space, I will be sharing with you a variety of topics ranging from lifestyle, skincare, motivation/inspiration and poetry.

What is The Gemini Review? The Gemini Review is my favourite element of my blog and I can't wait for you to read the upcoming posts. The Gemini Review reflects my passion for music; it will include articles on upcoming artists, album reviews and the best new sound! I will also be featuring underground talent.

When I first joined the blogging community, about 3 years ago, writing was definitely my getaway.  My first blog was my safe haven, during that time I wasn't exactly in the best place but writing definitely helped me with what I was going through; it was my therapy. There was something about writing anonymously that put me at ease. I didn't like the idea of having people I know read personal things about myself. It was relieving knowing there was no identity behind the things I put out there, it made me comfortable.

Being a part of the blogging community taught me many things. Not only the beauty and art in writing but also the ways in which writing connects people too. I was really surprised by the amount of people who could relate to some of my posts I had written on my first blog. It also reminded me when you consider the amount of people who live in this world there is bound to be one person who feels, thinks and experiences things the way you do.

With that being said, I have finally taken the plunge and decided to write in my own name! I hope Sheedah Blogs will inspire, motivate and entertain you!

Lots of love,

Rashidah x