Ray BLK knows she's an 'Empress' and deserves the best

UK singer Ray BLK shines in her new single "Empress", where she delivers clean and soulful vocals about knowing her worth. Her first single, "Run Run",  is a powerful piece addressing youth violence. From her forthcoming debut album, Ray BLK dropped her second single "Empress". It sheds a light on different types of men who are not meant for the London singer. 

She confidently sings "I don't want to settle for less/ because I'm an empress", a noteworthy message a lot of us need to take down. It may remind us that at times, we are blinded by loneliness and we settle way below than what we hoped for. Ray BLK's new single makes us reconsider whether we are getting what we deserve. Girls remember, you are an "Empress" and you deserve the best.

Octavian plans his 'Revenge'

London rapper Octavian, undoubtedly drops bangers setting him a part from most UK artists. His pleasantly raspy, melodic tunes leaves us in anticipation for another hyped track. In his lead single 'Revenge' from his recent project Spaceman, the artist boldly warns his enemies; do not play with him. The lyrical body sets a harsh tone and is amplified by the artist's blunt and bitter threats. The rapper insists "they don't know me yet", they're not aware of how keen he is to get 'revenge' on anyone who underestimates him. Octavian point-black refuses to believe "they" will beat him in the race he is competition in. There's only certainty that he will be first to cross the finish line.

Catch A2's 'Flair' with Octavian, Yxng Bane & Suspect

After listening and familiarising myself with A2's project Blue that dropped back in 2017, it's safe to say the artist is strongly paving his way into the music scene. We may not hear as much moody and cold vibes from Blue (only a tiiiinny bit disappointing) in his new EP but it doesn't fail to demonstrate his growth in the past year.

From his latest project Purple, A2 dropped flashy undergound visuals to 'Flair' where he collabs with 3 of the UK's biggest artists. The track reveals a unique sound when four different worlds collide.  Even with each individual artist being on their own wavelength, they still manage to pull off an upbeat and energetic tune. A2 confirms his noted 'flair' through his wordplay. Essie gang representing, Octavian, allows his husky voice to spit delicately on the beat. Suspect's demanding chorus about "secur[ing] the bag" plays greatly with his direct statements about being in the game. Yxng Bane's versatility is far from surprising as he successfully switches up his flow with ease.

5 Short Tips for a Better Sense of Direction

You are getting older. Life keeps hitting you with the question, "who do you want to become?". For some of you, you know exactly who you want to be. For the rest of you, well let's put it this way... it's a question you've been avoiding.

Lacking a sense of direction in your life can be really frustrating. You're laying in bed at night thinking "Fuck, what am I actually doing with my life?" - you get emotional because you literally have no clue. Don't panic. As long as you get yourself on track, you'll be fine. If you don't have a specific passion sometimes it can be harder to find the answers which is okay. Feeling lost is normal, you will eventually find yourself. Don't rush the process but don't be lazy with it either.

'I want to be rich' - oh boy, don't we ALL!

We are not born with the same amount of ambition. Some of us are driven and determined to succeed, some of us are lazy and are happy to settle with whatever life throws our way. Now, where would you place yourself?

You may not be sure about what you want to do with yourself but are you trying hard enough to figure it out? Working takes up a HUGE amount of our lives. People have bills to pay, families to feed and the list goes on. Sadly, when you need the money you are happy to trade your peace of mind for a job you hate. This is why it's so important to consider what you want to do with your life. A lot of the time people put it off, they don't invest much time into thinking about their career path. Don't end up being one of those people who settles for less. You need to take control of your own future since you are the creator of it after all.


- Who do you want to become?

Think about: what career you want to pursue, do you want to change lives, do you want to give back to the world - if so HOW will you do this? What sort of impact do you want to have in the relationships around you?

- Brainstorm your ideas for possible careers.

 Let's say you break it down into 3 sections: What you really want to do - this includes your interests, passions and strengths. What you don't mind doing and what you definitely do not want to do.

- Research, research and research. 

Look at job descriptions to find out what the main responsibilities are and how much you will earn. Watch videos of people who are in the same industry you aspire to be in. Look for relevant events and talks. If you want to start your own business, RESEARCH AND PLAN! You don't need to execute the plan straight away but you can definitely start thinking about it.

- Understand the skills required

Develop the essential knowledge/skill(s) required. Sometimes going out of your way to learn things yourself is necessary. Using your initiative to learn something that may not be on your course is a bonus!

- Remember your 'why' 

It's easier to shape your life choices and attract things that are in line of your vision or your 'ultimate purpose' (as long as you're determined and obsessed with making your vision a reality). Remember the 'why' - the reason behind what you want to do. Think of the bigger picture. Even if you have not found your 'life's calling' or  'purpose' yet don't rush the process you will find it when the time is right.

By working for an agency it allowed me to work with loads of different people and work in different roles. It gave me insight into people's working lifestyles, I have worked in roles I never thought I would work in. I mean who knew one day, I would work in a hotel to remove bed sheets (this was ONE shift). One communality I noticed between most employees I worked with was everyone was looking forward to the day they quit. They have spent years doing something they hated. I can't imagine myself waking up every single day to work at a place I dread. I hope you can't imagine yourself doing that either so take control of your life, don't drift away with it.

It's difficult to have your whole life planned out because it never goes exactly to plan anyway. This doesn't dismiss the usefulness of having a sense of direction.  After reading this post I hope you feel more determined to have a clearer picture of what you want in life and what you can give to life too. You may not have all the answers right now so use your time wisely to find them. Be open to exploring new things, embrace uncertainty and discover your true purpose.

I lose myself

I lose myself,
and again,
the essence of being
hopelessly lost,
not wanting to be found,
no attempt for rediscovery,
no attempt to find
traces of who she used to be,
I lose myself,
I have buried every piece of me.