Horror Comedy

Since it's halloween, we learned about the different horror genres in my creative writing session. I rarely write short stories so it was fun to try something new. Rather than writing a really gothic horror I decided to try out horror comedy, for my first attempt I don't think I did too bad! I'm going to leave it untitled because I have no idea what to call it. I hope you enjoy it! Here it is:

It found me. How on earth did it find me? I stopped and took a deep breath. Remain calm Roxanne. Remain calm. As the silence began to scream, my heart created loud thuds that echoed in my ear. Anxiety took control of me, it started to defeat the whole purpose of having a body. It wouldn’t move. This isn’t the time. Why are you failing me now? I looked at my body which didn’t seem to belong to me anymore. My lips began to tremble, oh you’ve done it this time Roxanne. You definitely can’t escape this one. He can smell the fear trickling down your face.  Well he or she can smell fear, I mean I think it’s wrong to assume it’s gender despite its brute physicality- what am I doing?! This is not the time Roxanne. Oh dear God, I’m not ready for this. The stench got stronger and I began to gag. If you want to come after me at least showe- Hold on, how on earth would this hideous beast shower? It’s a monster for Christ’s sake. I analysed its deformed body and it’s greenish-cracked claws (looks like a fungal infection to me). It was difficult to see his face considering how far away we were from one another. The distance didn't stop it from smelling my flesh and blood. Let’s face it, this amazing body is hard to miss, I’m most definitely appetising to eat- in mid-thought the inhumane creature turned his head. The cold stare sent a wordless threat and it took my breath away. I’m not kidding, I stopped breathing for a few seconds. Chills ran through my spine when I accepted my fate. I’m going to die. The yellow stained eyes screamed out for hunger and desperation. Once the target was set, it could only fantasise about the glorious sound of crushing your bones and the heavenly taste of your juicy flesh. He suddenly moved. He came closer and closer and closer. Fuck. I could see him clearly now. When the blood dripped from his large mouth, it felt as if the blood rushed out of my body.


the silence spreads itself around me
and it gets harder to bear it
pounds louder and louder
slowly tearing me apart
I sink into nothingness 
questioning what it 
feels like to 


Meaningless words,
 you cannot grasp
or hold onto,
I stumble,
I pause,
a sentence I cannot form,
my mind lacks clarity,
it's impossible to explain
the inexplicable.